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tv   KRON 4 News at 11  KRON  August 3, 2014 11:00pm-11:31pm PDT

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residents in san leandro are on edge tonight. after a teenage girl says she was sexually assaulted in a public restroom at her apartment complex. and, tonight, police say they do not have a suspect. kron four's reports from the scene of the crime. >> police say the assault was reported at around five o'clock yesterday evening. and, that it happened in a clubhouse here at lakeside village on waterfall way. emmasot- "it's crazy." sot- "it's not good." sot- "its like something totally disgusting that you never think to happen, you know, anywhere you live by." >> police and residents say this clubhouse typically remains locked. available only to the people who live at this apartment complex and their guests. sot- "the only way to get in is with a pass key in the building there." >>
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so, lieutenant randy brandt says investigators are looking into the possibility that the teenage girl was assaulted by a man who lives here, though it appears this is an isolated incident. sot- "the assault was done by the suspect who is described as a black male, in his mid-20s, medium build -- pretty generic." >> lieutenant brandt says investigators are holiding back many details in this case to protect the victim's identity. saying only that she was in a restroom in the cluibhouse saturday evening, when the the man. sot- "you know, committed an assault, touched her inappropriately and fled the area." >> though police say the clubhouse doesn't have surveillance cameras. residents say there's usually always someone nside monitoring the area. sot- "people come, they work out, play pool, go swimming. never would have though that would happen." >> now, walter juarez says he won't let his pregant girlfriend karisa visit the clubhouse along. sot- "sometimes she likes to go in there just to the vending machine and getting a soda, and that makes me think, you know, is it even safe for her to even go over there." sot- "you have to be more careful now. for everybody, you know, we have to be more careful and watch." >> in san leandro, philippe djegal,
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kron four news. >> developing tonight investigators are working to try figure out why a deputy opened fire killing a suspect in east oakland early this morning. kron 4's scott rates shows us the latest in the investigation >> governor jerry brown has up the shooting happened just after 4:00 a.m. on the corner of 55th and fairfax in east oakland. police spotted a car and wanted in connection with a ... please cut the suspects
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near hundred and the and avenue where the suspect baggage the car and took off on foot. a perimeter was set up and a canine unit was called and. investigators said that it was the alameda county officer who found the man and opened fire. it is still unclear if the suspect had a gun and the. >> declared a state of emergency because of a rash of wildfires that are getting worse. this move allows state officials to deploy the national guard for disaster relief. officials of friday there were 17 wildfires burning throughout the state, including one that crossed into california from oregon. this is the "day fire" in modoc.which has burned over 12- thousand acres and is 25 percent contained.
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another fire near lassen national forest has nearly quadrupled in size this weekend. it has destroyed eight homes and caused the evactuation of 3 communities and a small extended care hospital. firefighters have controled a vegetation fire in newark this evening. the fire broke out along the 38- thousand block of eureka drive around 7-45. officials called the 4-alarm blaze the stevenson fire. it was near the union pacific railroad tracks. however. train service was not affected by the fire. rain clouds are moving in to northern california. meteorologist brian van aken is tracking the unusual weather for us. brian? >> head of eight external strong storm system has impacted southern california with rain.
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now the storm is tracking in to the north. the rain will be heavy possibly one to 2 in.. some of that grain could make its way into the bay area tuesday. >> a wild car chase in richmond led to the arrest of a san francisco homicide suspect last night. 26 year old miguel ortiz was hiding in an apartment complex in richmond. when police showed up to arrest him.the suspect fled in a car with three women. the female driver led officers through heavy traffic on the freeway. the chase came to an end when she hit a police car after a bad lane change. the the front end of the police car was damaged.but no one was injured. police are investigating a shooting and a robbery that happened in campbell early this morning. they say.the same man might be responsible for both incidents. two people were shot in the parking lot of a first bank. the victims were rushed to the hospital. while police were investigating armed robbery was reported less than a mile away
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from that bank. the person who was held up at gun point was not injured. now police are looking for the man responsible. police are searching for a man who exposed himself in a palo alto park friday evening. authorities released this sketch of the suspect. witnesses say he walked through the playground with his genitals visible through the zipper of his pants. two women at the park saw the man and called police. neighbors expressed their concern about the man. >> no children saw the suspect and witnesses say he did not try and talk to the kids. the man then hopped over a fence surrounding the playground. he was last seen walking south on stockton place. police say they are stepping up patrols around the park. many people consider it a san francisco landmark. for over 15 years, "marty's place" was the *only place san francisco residents suffering from h-i-v and aids could turn to. they shut their doors three years ago. but thanks to the san francisco
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community land trust.they could be opening again. it's a relatively new idea that helps preserve affordable housing in the city. "marty's place" will run as a co-op.where all the residents will pitch in for rent. today they kicked off their fund-raising drive to raise 250 thousand dollars. they want to renovate the place before people move in. even though it is difficult to scrape together funds.many think it's important to keep the place going. it has such a rich history of love and compassion. coming up. the latest on two americans infected with the deadly ebola doctors are preparing to receive the second patient.currently en route to the states. and later. we get a sneak peek at some new high tech gadgets designed to make your house more efficient.and possibly cut down your water bill. and next. a good samaritan with a heart of gold strikes again in the bay area! where he stopped by and paid for several lucky customers.
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a good samaritan has struck again. buying hundreds of dollars worth of groceries for strangers. this time. it was at a discount store in san jose. the mystery man has paid for customers groceries in the past in concord. this time. he paid for six customers' groceries at the grocery outlet on williams road on friday. gloria klingborg. who works at the grocery outlet. watched the man pay for the groceries of those customers who needed it the most. gloria says the mystery man's generosity is one of the nicest things she has ever seen. she asked him when he would be back. but he just smiled and walked away without saying a
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coming up! a story that's generating a lot of interest. we'll tell you all about a new san francisco startup offering women what they call "manservants". and next. a my kron-4 story about a local man who has had nearly a dozen bikes stolen. the message he has for the thief. safeway understands you got to make every dollar count these days. that's why they have lots of ways for you to save. real big club card deals, the safeway app and gas rewards.
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it kept happening again and again. more than a dozen bicycles were
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stolen from a garage in san francisco. fed up with the thieves - a man turned on his security cameras -- and turned to kron 4's justine waldman for help. cover sot i have started to convince myself this is a professional bike thieve this security video captures how quickly a thief can steal a bike. since last fall, someone has stolen 14 bicycles from this mission district garage. sot it is really disturbing actually 10 of those bikes belong to greg schuler. from titanium road bikes to collectables. his loss is adding up financially. sot more than $10,000 approaching $15,000 and emotionally. since it appears to him from his security cameras. he's being targeted. sot it is really invasive to have someone come on your property especially so many times close-ups show us the face of inside the garage walking away with the bicycles one time two guys come in and take bikes.
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some of the bikes are locked in the garage, other were not. takes some effort. sot they either used a crowbar not sure how easy that would be or they just jumped over the gate here then the back garage door gets busted open despite reinforcements. sot this door the mech is destroyed at this point. after working with police and not catching the alleged criminal greg no longer keep his bikes in the garage. he's offering a cash reward to get them back, even though he's lost his sense of security, money and prized possessions. sot i would love for him to return the bikes that would be the best scenario and i hate to wish jail upon this guy but i want this to stop. in san francisco justine waldman kron 4 news. a jet is en route to liberia to
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we will see her clout increased throughout the day tomorrow. made in heaven chance for a few light isolated showers. may have a better chance of going into tuesday for some showers. tomorrow morning the was too low clouds, and then high clouds by around 5:00 p.m. with a few showers from the sierra in to the north to and. some of the
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showers could produce heavily vocal range-local marine. tensely wet weather for tuesday and and turning some of like after that. infected with ebola virus. phoenix air says.their sending a highly specialized air ambulance.equipped with an isolation unit. the interior can be completely decontaminated post flight. the plane is scheduled to land back in georgia on tuesday. the first known patient. dr kent brantly.landed yesterday.
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he was quickly rushed to atlanta's emory university hospital where the second patient will also be treated. they were both infected in africa while treating ebola patients in history's largest outbreak ever recorded. officials say at least 380 people were killed. and more than 18-hundred injured after an earthquake struck the southern part of china today. the magnitude 6-point-1 quake struck in china's yunnan province. about 12-thousand homes collapsed from the quake. more than 25-hundred troops have been dispatched to the disaster site. and the red cross is sending supplies. israel has agreed to a 7-hour humanitarian cease-fire. but a spokesperson for hamas says it's a no go. the cease-fire is expected to start tomorrow morning. if hamas agrees to it. the latest strike killed at least 10 people at a u-n school in gaza today. a nearby israeli airstrike caused the deaths. a u-n official says the israeli defense force is ignoring precaution and control when engaging in attacks against gaza. arguably, two of the biggest
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problems facing california right now might be the drought, and the economy. not a bad time for home energy efficiency experts to hold a conference in san francisco. kron four got a sneak peak a new line of gadgets aimed at helping people cut down on water and electricity use. a new line of high-efficiency bulbs are already on the market. unlike c-f-l's, these don't have any mercury in them. and finally! a simple solution to wasting water while waiting for shower water to heat up. a three dollar, hot water temperature card can help cut back on your energy bill. it measures how hot your water is, and shows you right away how hist much money you can save for every degree cooler you turn down your water heater. a new san francisco-based start up has been generating quite a bit of buzz from women lately.
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the company. manservants. allows women to hire handsome young men to serve them. here's a clip the company released on the new business. the idea behind the venture. is that instead of hiring strippers for bachelorette parties. women can hire models to do other things. such as hold their umbrellas. serve them champagne. and more. the company's vision is to empower women to make their own rules that a man servant can then follow. women can customize their manservant by attire. name. and type. manservants will be available to hire starting september first in san francisco. >> jason is here with all your bay area sports. that's coming up after the break. ...we need to break up. is it the biting? cuz i can stop? no! i love you and your show. it's cable. customers are more satisfied with u-verse.
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>> welcome back everyone. how good have the a's been this year? they hadn't lost back to back series since mid may. .until today that is. a's hosting the royals.and that's pitcher jeff samardja on the left.jon lester on the right.acquired thursday for yoenis cespedes. a's/royals jeff samardzija and jon lester the principles in the a's two blockbuster trades james shields retired the 1st 15 hitters he faced including this strike out of brandon moss in the 3rd as for scott kazmir the 5th inning was his undoing nickochika aoki with the rbi single past josh donaldson 1-0 royals next batter omar infante doubles to left 2-runs score 3-0 royals next batter salvador perez another rbi single 4-0 royals
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bottom 6th shields. still working on a no- hitter until josh reddick hits this solo home run his 4th since coming off the disabled list july 22nd 4-1 royals top 7th/ 4-1 royals reddick makes a leaping catch on aoki's drive to right then makes a great throw to double up alcindes escobar at 1st lets take another look at that great double play bip bottom 9th 4-2 royals 2 outs josh donaldson strikes out to end the game courtesy of greg holland who gets his 31st save final: 4-2 royals they take 2 of 3 games from the a's the angels won so the a's lead in the a.l. west is cut again to 1 game the giants offense woke up this afternoon in new york. although they didn't really need all the runs. that's because madison bumgarner had one of the best outings of his career today against the mets. giants/mets madison bumgarner commanding today in queens , new york bottom 1st bumagrner induces david wright to hit into the 6-4-3 double play nice stop by pablo sandoval to get it started bumgarner dominant from the start bip top 3rd/ scoreless bartolo colon trying to get career win #200 but hunter pence takes him deep to left it barely goes over 2-
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run home run 2-0 giants top 5th/ 4-0 giants buster posey drives one off colon to the wall in left- centerfield bumgarner scores 5-0 giants and that's it for colon 4 2/3 ip, 6 runs top 9th/ 8-0 giants pence hits his 2nd home run no doubt about this one 9-0 giants the ball landed in a group of giants fans but look who caught it a mets fan! bottom 9th 2 outs bumgarner strikes out travis d'arnoud to end the game final: 9-0 giants the dodgers lost so what does that mean for the giants in the n.l. west? tiger woods may be forced to miss another major after re- injuring his back today. he says it happened on the 2nd hole at the bridgestone invitational.a tournament he has won a record 8 times.
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serena wins bank of the west serena williams taking on angelique kerber in the bank of the west final at stanford 1st set after going down 5-1 serena roars back forcing a tiebreaker with shots like this forhand winner 1st set tiebreaker williams with the ace to take the tiebreaker and the 1st set 7-6 2nd set match point kerber hits long williams wins her 3rd bank of the west title 7-6, 6-3 serena wins the 1st tournament she's played since pulling out of wimbledon with a viral infection she'll remain #1 in the world for the 200th week in her career
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that will do it for sports. vicki.brian. that's it for the kron 4 news at 11. stay connected with kron 4 and get latest news at kron 4 dot com. or download one of our mobile apps. [ heart beating ] [ female announcer ] the internet gets more exciting the faster it goes. that's why, coming soon, xfinity will double the internet speed on two of our most popular plans. xfinity continues to innovate, bringing you the fastest, most reliable internet, period. [ heart beating ] xfinity internet from comcast. double the speed.
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the weekend insider, with perspective on this week's top trending stories. >> if you weren't in love with me, i'm not sure why you made love with me. >> bachelorette's beef after the sex secret bomb. >> i think that's below the belt. >> yep side our couple's report card. >> mr. and mrs. eric johnson. >> they are finding it hard to not spend time together. >> that's great. >> inside the summer's hottest concerts. >> and steamiest sets. >> we're really good at water boarding. >> and the stars' bashing body shaming. >> it really stays with me. >> inside gaga's crusade as they reveal celebrity


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